PostHeaderIcon Starbucks cupcakes

Cupcakes with your latte? Sounds like a perfect pairing. Although I must say, in the display case the look dry and unappealing… I’ll pass until someone tells me otherwise.

PostHeaderIcon Mark your calendars: Cupcake Camp Chandler

After having a fabulous time at the first ever Cupcake Camp Phoenix, I was more than delighted when I found out that Cupcake Camp Chandler (thanks Prissycook) was in the works for this spring.

Image Courtesy of Cupcake Camp Phoenix’s Facebook Gallery

The event in Phoenix was a great success in my opinion- lots of tasty eats and drinks all kindly donated by talented local bakers. It was a sugar addict’s dream! I would have loved more networking/discussion but I was with a friend so I appreciated the time she and I had to catch up. It was a fun and memorable event to be sure.

I’m looking forward to volunteering and very likely making a small sponsorship to this event. I’m particularly excited as a fellow Chandler resident living only a mile or so from Gang Plank, where this sweet soiree will be taking place.

To learn more about Cupcake Camp Chandler, or how to volunteer, sponsor or otherwise participate, visit their website-

PostHeaderIcon Slatkin Frosted Cupcake Candle

I’ve smelled a few cheapie drugstore candles that claim to be cupcake scented, but this one hits the mark. No chemical undertones- just rich buttercream and vanilla aromas, waiting to fill your home.

Slatkin Frosted Cupcake Candle- $19.99 at Bath & Body Works

PostHeaderIcon Custom Cupcake Converse

These adorable shoes were custom made at! You pick all the options- color, style, prints… and they have cupcakes!

PostHeaderIcon Cupcake apron by Jessie Steele

An apron was on the top of my Christmas wish list this year, and I was delighted to unwrap the Jessie Steele Cupcakes Apron and oven mitt!

This retro-chic hostess apron makes a flirty and fun statement, with beautiful structure and attention to detail.

PostHeaderIcon Giant cupcake cake pan!

I made my Christmas eve a little more cheerful by baking a red velvet cupcake cake using the Wilton Cupcake Cake pan I got as a gift. The cake didn’t stick at all and turned out beautifully. Get it on for only $24.95!

Here’s how mine came out-
cupcake cake

PostHeaderIcon Cupcase Cupcake Holder

The clever folks over at (purveyors of curiously awesome products) have a great new cupcake holder called the ‘Cupcase’. It provides protection and stability for the cupcake lover on the go.

This video explains it’s finer points-

Get your own Cupcase for the low price of $2.25 at

PostHeaderIcon December 15th- National Cupcake Day!

Attention dessert devotees- December 15 marks National Cupcake Day! No matter what your favorite flavor or ideal frosting-to-cake ratio, join with other sweets lovers in this celebration of cake. Trouble is, there are countless bakeries and thousands of cupcake varieties. Here are a few of the top sweet spots where you can pay homage to this sweet treat.

Sprinkles in Los Angeles is a Hollywood favorite, blending traditional European baking with an atmosphere that’s modern chic. Expect only the finest ingredients like Madagascar vanilla Bourbon and fresh-out-of-the oven baked goods that will practically melt in your mouth.

Meanwhile, Magnolia Bakery of Sex and the City fame is keeping New Yorkers with a sweet tooth a bay. Even with several locations, tourists and locals still line up for their scrumptious cupcakes. The buttery aroma may be maddening, but every bite is worth the wait.

Phoenix is the home of the delicious Butter and Me Cupcakery, famous for their maple and BACON cupcake.

In Washington D.C., Cake Love is a must-stop for any dessert enthusiast. Their red velvet with cream cheese frosting is legendary.

Finally, across the pond is Cox Cookies & Cake in London. Founded by Eric Lanlard and Patrick Cox, this Soho spot serves up decadent sweets like their “Bling” cupcake (topped with diamond-esque sparkling sugar) and their “Black Skull” cupcake (sporting goth black frosting and a jeweled skull garnish).

Of course, there’s no need to pick just one. Celebrate the day by treating yourself to one, two, or maybe a few more!

PostHeaderIcon Cupcake controversy?

Duncan Hines is being criticized for a cupcake ad that some are calling racist. The ad, for Duncan Hines’ “Amazing Glazes,” features animated vanilla cupcakes. When the unidentified woman in the ad starts putting the chocolate glaze on them, they start to beatbox. The issue? Some say it looks a lot like the cupcakes are wearing blackface. Duncan Hines pulled the spot from YouTube.

What do you think?

PostHeaderIcon Nordstrom Cupcakes!

Now with edible glitter!

These beauties were in the cafe at Nordstrom in Chandler, Arizona. Red Velvet and Lemon Chiffon, oh my!

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