PostHeaderIcon Mark your calendars: Cupcake Camp Chandler

After having a fabulous time at the first ever Cupcake Camp Phoenix, I was more than delighted when I found out that Cupcake Camp Chandler (thanks Prissycook) was in the works for this spring.

Image Courtesy of Cupcake Camp Phoenix’s Facebook Gallery

The event in Phoenix was a great success in my opinion- lots of tasty eats and drinks all kindly donated by talented local bakers. It was a sugar addict’s dream! I would have loved more networking/discussion but I was with a friend so I appreciated the time she and I had to catch up. It was a fun and memorable event to be sure.

I’m looking forward to volunteering and very likely making a small sponsorship to this event. I’m particularly excited as a fellow Chandler resident living only a mile or so from Gang Plank, where this sweet soiree will be taking place.

To learn more about Cupcake Camp Chandler, or how to volunteer, sponsor or otherwise participate, visit their website-

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